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Stay-at-home orders are a reality for Californians right now, and many residents in the Malibu area are enjoying the comforts of their homes as they practice social distancing to minimize the spread of the coronavirus.

To Malibu homeowners: have you considered automating your home, and how it can improve your day-to-day routine? We’ll walk you through how home automation and smart technology can connect everything in your home and transform how you experience comfort and convenience throughout your day. With so much time to spend at home, consider these upgrades to your indoor and outdoor living spaces.

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Have you ever wished your window shades would rise automatically when it’s time to start your day? If so, you can program them to raise at the same time every morning to help you wake up. You can set specific times for them or make them raise and lower whenever you want to with a touch of a button. 

If you want to hear your favorite playlist while you’re checking your emails or news on your phone, you can set the tunes to play through the speakers in your bedroom.

That same playlist can play through other speakers in your home — thanks to multi-room audio — as you walk to your kitchen to make some coffee and breakfast. Install high-fidelity speakers to give you the very best sound quality, letting you hear music the way it’s intended to be heard.


Working from home is now necessary for many California residents and others across the country. You can customize the lighting in your home office with human-centric lighting, which is composed of LED lights that simulate the intensity and color temperature of sunlight throughout the day. This type of lighting aims to benefit your wellbeing by stabilizing your circadian rhythm, and it has been proven to help boost productivity — which helps when you’re working in your home office. 

Do you have a package arriving at your doorstep? See the delivery person through your smart device and even speak to them through a video communication tool — all without leaving your chair. Your home’s surveillance system can be monitored or controlled through an easy-to-use app. Add smart locks to let them in to leave the package inside then lock the door behind them after they leave. 


With summer around the corner, maybe you’ll want to enjoy a glass of wine on your patio as you take in the beautiful Malibu scenery. You can set a customizable scene that’s focused on building a relaxing atmosphere; just tap “Relax” on your smart device, and it will dim your patio lights and start playing soothing music.

Afterward, if it’s time for dinner, you can use the same device to power on lights in your outdoor kitchen and also turn on your outdoor TV and speakers, so you can grill some food and dine al fresco with some entertainment.

When your day is done and you’re ready for bed, you can easily turn off the lights in your home and lower all the shades with the touch of a button or voice command. Along with that, you can adjust your home’s thermostat and check that all the doors in your home are locked without having to leave your bed. 

Smart home automation allows you to streamline and control all of the above functions. With a smart home system, you can design customizations for every activity, mood, space, and more, 

Control4 is an industry leader in smart home automation and helps homeowners control nearly every device in their home through a connected system. AVX Design & Integration is a proud Control4 dealer trained and certified to professionally install automation solutions including audio, video, lighting, temperature control, security, and more.


Our team of experts would love to help make your Malibu home more convenient and enjoyable for you. Contact us through our online form and schedule a no-obligation consultation.


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