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Do You Have a Support Plan for Your Home Technology?


Take Advantage of Our 24/7 Remote Repair and Support Services for Your AV and Smart Tech

You rely on the technology that makes up your smart home, whether it’s your audio video solutions, home network, or security system. That’s why it’s important to have a plan in place when your technology experiences disruptions.

Like maintenance on a car, your smart home still needs ongoing service and support to uphold its performance and dependability. Our team at AVX Design wants to keep things simple and provide the support you need when technology hiccups or fails.

We offer proactive monitoring and remote repair of network-connected devices for our clients in Newport Beach, CA. Learn about our support benefits and service plans below.


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Our Support Membership Benefits

The technology in your home is highly complex, yet it works effortlessly at the touch of a button. That’s no magic trick! That’s the power of innovative technology paired with a well-designed installation. Without routine service and system adjustments, your technology can’t perform the way you need it to.

Our service plans provide you with the confidence that any issues with your technology will be fixed fast. We’ll access your systems remotely and oftentimes repair them without a service call! You’ll also have access to a mobile app that allows you to fix common issues on your own. However, if you do need to schedule a service call, you’ll receive a preferred rate. We’re here to help 24/7.


Here’s What We Can Monitor

If it’s connected to your network, chances are we can monitor it. Our team proactively monitors your home automation system, audio video system, light switches, security system, and more. We’ll watch for the health of most of your connected AV and smart home devices, though it’s important to note that availability may vary based on manufacturer.

We’re a certified dealer for industry-leading smart home brands like Control4. Control4 integrates with thousands of third-party AV and smart home products and is famously known for simplifying whole-home control for homeowners everywhere. When your entire property runs on Control4, you trust that it will run smoothly around the clock. We’re here to ensure that it does.

Our team can also monitor the state of your internet, as well as average upload and download speeds, but we can’t monitor apps and services within connected network devices (Pandora, Netflix, etc.)


Choose a Support Plan

We offer two monthly service plans to meet your needs:


Essential Plan $27.99

Under the Essential Plan, you’ll receive reactive remote repair, which means that upon hearing from you, we’ll remotely access and repair your systems. You’ll also receive 24/7 email, text, and phone support. You’ll get a mobile app that enables you to fix many common issues yourself, and any service calls will be offered at a discounted rate.


Enhanced Plan $49.99

The main difference between the Essential and Enhanced plans is that Enhanced offers proactive monitoring and remote repair. Enhanced Plan members value a hands-off approach to keeping their smart home system online all the time. Our specialists will monitor and maintain the functionality and performance of your smart home from afar without having to hear from you first.



Get smarter support for your connected life by signing up for one of our service plans! To learn more about our service plans and what they cover, contact our team here. We look forward to assisting you.

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