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How to Live Better with Human-Centric Lighting Control


Incorporate the Benefits of Natural Light into Your Home Lighting Control System

Our team at AVX Design is always searching for innovative solutions to help our clients live better. Busy lives and long work hours can make it difficult to stick to health and wellness routines, so why not turn to technology for help?

With human-centric lighting as part of your home lighting control system, you can bring the power of personalized natural light into your indoor spaces at the touch of a button. This tunable LED lighting solution simulates the sun’s natural light patterns, which regulate essential hormones in our bodies that help us focus better during the day and sleep better at night.

Take the first step toward better living by incorporating human-centric lighting control into your Malibu, CA home. Discover the basics and benefits of human-centric lighting below.


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What Is Human-Centric Lighting?

Put simply, human-centric lighting is a type of light application that aims to benefit the biological and emotional health and wellbeing of people. Human-centric lighting achieves this by adjusting both the intensity and color temperature of our electric light sources to mimic various levels of sunlight throughout the day.

Human-centric lighting revolves around the idea that the best light comes from nature. Using tunable LED bulbs and fixtures that cover the full white and RGB spectrum, human-centric lighting solutions dynamically shift throughout the day to match the intensity and color temperature of natural light as you would experience it outdoors. As a result, this lighting tunability gives homeowners the power to bring the health benefits of natural light inside their homes.


Embrace the Benefits of Natural Light Indoors

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, we spend an average of more than 90 percent of our time indoors. Our lack of time outside is disrupting our body’s circadian rhythm, or internal clock, which can harm our sleeping patterns and energy levels.

Simulated natural light helps regulate our internal clocks while we’re inside our homes. Using tunable LEDs to imitate natural sunlight patterns can help our bodies produce the right hormones at the right time, which helps to remedy sleeping habits and gives us more energy during the day.

Tunable lighting control also gives you the ability to design your home spaces with an unlimited palette of white and colored light. Customize vibrancy with dimming control that’s so dynamic it can even simulate a candle’s flame. No matter the task at hand, tunable light can set the perfect tone.


Effortlessly Integrates with Your Home Lighting Control System

We can integrate a personalized human-centric lighting solution with your Crestron or Control4 smart home system so you can create dynamic lighting scenes that adjust with the rest of your home devices, such as shading, entertainment, and security.

Control your lighting and smart home scenes from a wide selection of elegant on-wall keypads, hand-held remotes, a mobile app, or even by voice. Craft lighting scenes such as Good Morning, Relax, Energize, Entertain, Goodnight, and more to fit any time of day. For total hands-off control, we can automate your lights to adjust throughout the day and night on their own so that you never have to lift a finger.


Discover the lasting benefits of human-centric lighting for your lifestyle. For more information about tunable LED lighting control, contact our smart home technology experts at (310) 445-9989 or fill out our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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