Foster a healthier living environment with cutting-edge technology that purifies your spaces and enhances your wellbeing.

Water Purification

Achieve Unrivaled Hydration, Healing and Detoxification with Contaminant-Free Water
  • Install enterprise-grade water purifiers in sinks, baths and showers
  • NSF-certified systems remove lead, arsenic, bacteria and microbes
  • Eliminate cluttered water bottles and backup filters in your home

Air Purification

Craft a Hypoallergenic, Odor-Free Environment with Unrivaled Air Purification
  • Eliminate allergens, dust mites, mold and mildew that pose health risks
  • Vaporize 99.99 percent of particles found in the air and on surfaces
  • Bring outside air in through lock-tight filtration to ensure proper treatment

Human-Centric Lighting

Emulate Natural Lighting in Your Spaces to Invigorate Your Health and Décor
  • Neutralize the adverse effects of one-tone light bulbs and fixtures
  • Automated changes mimic the sun’s intensity and hues throughout the day
  • Generate relaxation or focus by adjusting your fixtures’ color temperatures

Virtual Window

Virtual Windows Revitalize Your Space By Connecting You to the Outside World
  • Enjoy scenic views of mountain ranges, wooded forests or beaches
  • Seamlessly transition between different scenes or day/night features
  • Dynamic images move as you walk across a window for added realism

Nature Soundscapes

Acoustic Environments Utilize Natural Sounds to Improve Your Overall Wellbeing
  • Leverage your multi-room audio to play natural sounds throughout your home
  • Listen to nature sounds to improve sleep, increase focus and reduce stress
  • Pull up specialized playlists via voice commands, elegant keypads or mobile apps

Climate Control

Elevate Your Everyday Living With Advanced Control of Temperature and Humidity
  • Slight temperature changes throughout the day keep your body from stagnating
  • Temperatures adjust to energize you in the morning and help you sleep at night
  • Proactively manage humidity to improve quality and equipment performance

Biophilic Spaces

Luxurious Wellness Escapes Offer Immersive Healing Environments in Your Home
  • Simulate relaxing nature scenes indoors with immersive sound and video
  • Foster a healing environment through specialized lighting, audio and scents
  • Proper acoustic and lighting isolation yields an optimal multi-purpose space

Master Your Technology’s Healing Potential

Knowledge is the first step to a healthier lifestyle in Los Angeles, Malibu, Newport and the surrounding areas. Our next-level technology solutions take care of the execution for a space that improves your wellbeing in a myriad of ways, including human-centric lighting and biophilic design.