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Create the Ultimate Home Theater with a Projector-Screen Setup


Enjoy an Immersive Cinematic Experience from the Privacy of Your Home

Amid the health crisis, movie theaters have been closed for weeks, forcing us to turn exclusively to streaming services and other at-home entertainment. Even as theaters begin to reopen in Newport Beach, CA, many are suffering from financial loss and won’t soon see seats at full capacity.

If you miss the thrilling experience of the movies, create the next best thing at home with a private theater room! The right home theater solutions can drastically improve any home media setup—especially when you partner with a home theater professional like AVX Design.

One key component of any ideal home theater is the display. Read on to learn the benefits of a projector-screen setup and why this solution takes the cake for those who are serious about cinema.

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Projectors Win in Size

Ask any home theater expert what makes projectors better than TVs, and size will likely be their first answer. While TVs are on the move (some are close to 100 inches), projectors are still, by a wide margin, the most budget-friendly way to get a larger-than-life image—especially if cost is a factor for you.

Projection screens are available at 120 inches and up and can be fixed or motorized depending on your preference. For environments with ambient light, opt for ALR (ambient light rejecting) screens that preserve color, contrast, and dynamic range even when light is present. For those simply not satisfied with screen sizes under 100 inches, projectors are the only way to go.

Projectors Boast 4K HDR Capability

For a long time, TVs beat projectors by a landslide in color, contrast, and resolution. Now, the gap is much narrower as digital projectors continue to improve in quality. If you want a big screen but won’t settle for anything that isn’t 4K HDR compatible, projectors are still the best option—though keep in mind that these projectors are top-dollar.

Our team partners with NEC Display Solutions, a world leader in high-end cinema projectors. NEC offers a unique portfolio of projectors that support 4K UHD resolution and HDR to create more accurately controlled colors, pixel-free viewing, and high-contrast ratio. Depending on your goals and budget, we can help you choose the best projector for your environment.

Plus, No Bulb Replacement Required

Undeniably so, projectors have had to work harder to get anywhere near as bright as today’s TVs. Some homeowners may opt for a TV display over a projector if they want to avoid replacing expensive projector bulbs that dim over time. 

However, laser projectors eliminate the bulb-replacement problem! Choosing laser over lamp-based projectors results in longer-lasting brightness, lower maintenance, and improved color and contrast. They even hold up in heavy-use applications because they don’t overheat. For big, bright, and vibrant picture in a blackout environment with little-to-no upkeep involved, go with a projector.


Transform your home entertainment with a private theater, complete with a projection-screen setup, theater seating, surround sound, acoustic treatment, and easy room control. Whether new construction or retrofit, our team at AVX Design can make it happen. To learn more about our home audio-video solutions or to schedule a free consultation, contact us here.

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