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  • Multi-Room Audio/Video

  • Lighting

  • HVAC

  • Window Covering/Shades

  • Full System Design

  • Technology Project Management

  • Service

Media icon

  • High quality music playback in every room of your house as well as outdoors
  • Dedicated Home Theaters made easy
  • Stream content over the internet from your Blu-ray player to any TV or speaker in the house
  • Ultra-thin HDTV and 3D LED TV
  • Listen to your favorite web radio stations including Pandora, Rhapsody, iTunes and more
  • Simple control from you Apple iPad, iPhone or Android device
  • It’s your system, you will love it

Lights icon

  • Simple control of any light, from any keypad or remote
  • Create lighting paths between key areas
  • No more leaving lights on, press “AWAY” from any keypad to turn off everything
  • Seamlessly integrates with any size project
  • With Crestron lighting you have one integrator…one programmer

Climate icon

  • Eliminate use when nobody’s home
  • Integrate with a single “AWAY” button on any remote
  • Control the temperature for the entire house from you remote control or iPad
  • Automate simple timers or set the system to “VACATION” mode

Shades icon

  • Reduce summer cooling costs by lowering shades to block or filter sunlight
  • Simultaneous whole-home controls and security settings
  • Perfectly integrated into the same remote control you use to change your TV channels
  • Hundreds of fabric choices including black-out shades

Settings icon

  • Design from the ground up
  • We work with your designer, builder or other integrators
  • Experts in making all systems integrate
  • CAD and Line Drawings for all electronic sub-systems
  • As-Built drawings for completed projects

Security icon

  • Decades of project management in both technology and construction
  • Partnerships with outside providers for Telephone, Internet, Security and more
  • Generate detailed documentation for all technology aspects of a project
  • Construction design support for dedicated home theaters


  • AVX is the Final 10% Specialist, this means we finish our jobs
  • Our goal is always to create long term relationships through outstanding service
  • We have the ability to update, reset and essentially fix many issues remotely over the internet
  • Clean, reliable and easy to use.  Our goal is to reduce service so you can enjoy your AVX system.