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Modern Spanish – Beverly Hills, CA

Recognized as one of the worlds leading designers Legorreta+Legorreta has design lead on this project, followed by a custom lighting design by Truax Design Group. The Theater was designed by Keith Yates Design Group and all of this technology will be integrated by us, AVX.

Throughout this project we used a new product called Trufig, an ultra clean cover plate and trim system.  As you might imagine building codes in areas like Beverly Hills are extremely strict, one of the downfalls to this is you have outlets everywhere!  Reducing wall clutter is often difficult to deal with when you think of all the devices that are required (this includes electrical outlets, network jacks, alarm keypads, HVAC control, audio keypads and more).

A true Home Theater is a dedicated room designed only for movie and TV viewing.  This project has an awesome Home Theater with some of the most desired equipment in the industry.  The 4K picture is being projected by Sony’s flagship projector, giving the client the ability to watch movies in the same format the local cinemas have.  The audio system is a combination of Genelec speakers and Integra’s high end pre-amp.  Even your streaming AppleTV video looks and sounds stunning in this room.