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Control4 Now At AVX

It has been years since we first signed our dealer agreement with Control4 but it wasn’t until recently we felt it was ready for our company.  As the first residential, certified Control4 dealer in Los Angeles (back in May of 2005!) we were very excited.   Control4 was a young company with an aggressive goal to take on the big boys like Crestron and AMX.  At that time we just didn’t feel that their hardware or software was as robust or reliable as we needed.


Flash forward to late 2012 and it’s a completely different story. What was once a young control system company has all grown up now, with a full line of audio, video, automation and control products.  This new line of products combined with a completely updated version of software has made automation easy and affordable.  We have finally been able to automate smaller homes and 2-3 room system in just a couple of days and with built in iPad control programming is simplified over some of the big boys.  Not all is perfect though, there are limitations but most people will look past them because this product has great value.

Control4 combined with the installation and customer service of our company is a win-win.  As an AVX customer you’ll have a clean, simplified system with the beauty and cleanliness of one of our award winning installations.