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October 2013

NEVER BUILT: Los Angeles at A+D

We have recently teamed up with LA’s Architecture and Design Museum on what I believe to be one of the most exciting exhibits on Museum Row.  The exhibit titled NEVER BUILT: LOS ANGELES includes many projects from some of the city’s favorite architects including projects by Frank Lloyd Wright. Sneak into the back of the museum to experience a project by AVX, this exhibit is made up of a 10 …Read More

LA Times Calls On AVX Expertise

Now showing in rich people’s homes: first-run movies A San Diego-area firm enables the wealthy to show in their home theaters movies that are still at the multiplex. The cost: $35,000 in equipment and $500 to $600 a film. By Daniel Miller, Los Angeles Times April 9, 2013, 5:00 a.m. They were planning to spend nearly $500,000 on a home theater. What was an additional $35,000 to show first-run movies? When …Read More

PRIMA Cinema Brings First Run Movies Home!

Stay home!  Honestly where would you rather watch one of Hollywood’s biggest hits on the day it hits the theaters? Until recently the only way to watch a movie on the day it was released was to make a trip to the local cineplex or, you had to be a studio executive. Now anyone can have movies in their home on the day it hits the theaters.  PRIMA Cinema has released their movie delivery system …Read More

Control4 Now At AVX

It has been years since we first signed our dealer agreement with Control4 but it wasn’t until recently we felt it was ready for our company.  As the first residential, certified Control4 dealer in Los Angeles (back in May of 2005!) we were very excited.   Control4 was a young company with an aggressive goal to take on the big boys like Crestron and AMX.  At that time we just …Read More

Leon Speakers and AVX

When Noah Kaplan, owner of Leon speakers asked if we had a project worthy of their magazine cover we jumped at the opportunity. You’re looking at one of our projects in Bel Air, CA.  This 103″ Panasonic Plasma looked fantastic with a Leon LCR mounted below it. We’ve installed many more setups like this one, yours could be next!

Interiors Magazine, Another AVX System

Check it out!  Very “hip” high rise apartment in Westwood, near Beverly Hills.  This is a project we finished about a year ago and as you can see it’s an awesome pad! The construction was done by the Minardos Group, a contractor that we frequently work with.  We used the power of Crestron to automate the system, RTI remote controls along with Crestron touch screens for the user interface.  The …Read More

Home Entertainment Magazine Features AVX

In the October 2008 issue of Home Entertainment Magazine you can read all about one of our projects. This was one of our many project along the beach in Malibu, CA.  It was built by All Coast Construction in 2007 for the Chadwick family. Of course all of the low voltage design and installation was done by AVX; these systems included Audio, HDTV, Lighting Control, Heat and Air Conditioning Control, …Read More